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Providing post-acute consultation to Skilled Rehab/Nursing Facilities, Senior Living Communities and Private Client Support

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Services include

Post-Acute Consulting


Working through care delivery challenges can be complex...budgets are tight. Our mission  is to work with  clients to provide assessment and strategies for success.   Experienced service provision includes: due diligence, clinical and regulatory consulting, efficiency audits to assure payment accuracy, EMR implementation and team development.    Services are provided in accordance with established or developed policy using evidence-based practices.  Your HEALTH CARE ADVOCATE can advance your initiatives while your team stays focused.

Crisis Management


Your HEALTH CARE ADVOCATE is experienced in helping clients and families work through an acute health crisis and chronic disease processes.  It is important to have someone representing your interests while working through systemic roadblocks.  Staying current with the ever changing health care systems through continued consultation, education and volunteerism assures the most up to date approach to these often life-changing events.

Medical Record Review


Transparency in health care delivery is essential to make informed decisions at all stages.  Your HEALTH CARE ADVOCATE  can  review and analyze your medical record, service delivery and billing in an often complex environment.   A chronological summarization will be presented in a clear and easy to understand format.   The goal is to support you in your desired outcome and to work closely with your care team or collaborate with your retained professionals.

Consultation and Health Project Management overseen by RN certified in Advocacy, Patient Assessment and Quality Improvement with established relationships across the health care continuum.


Health Care Consultation and Project Management


 Licensed Administrator and Registered Nurse participating in interim projects to include training, conflict resolution, regulatory audits, health transitions/re-hospitalization, oversight and more.  While payment format changes to PDPM and  cost of care provision rises, consider contracting specified tasks.  CEU 's can be available with advanced scheduling.

Clinical Record and Health Status Review


If your health challenge is under review by insurance carrier or retained professionals, your Advocate can be a valuable member of the team .  While maintaining optimal dignity and respecting your privacy, your Advocate will assure that your health needs are addressed during the process at the highest level.  

About Us

On-Site Advocacy/Special Project Management

Specializing in age 55 and over health issues and care delivery in the Southeast Region. Particular areas of experience include rehabilitation, cardiac rehab, post -transplantation challenges and more.

Tele-Advocate Program*

Introducing our Tele-Advocate* program designed to support patients and families with complex home dynamics or those who are distant from one another.  With amazing technological advances, we are able to bring families together to facilitate virtual discussions and the visual sharing of information.

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